Sunday, August 14, 2005

Not blogging again

So it's been over a month since I posted. Man I was going to do better than that. I have been doing some things in my spare time that have kept me from the blog world. I am more active in my church, I volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and I just recently became active on an abortion debate forum (

Really, there has been a change in me lately. I went back to Church last December, really just started going reguluary. I have never been a regular attendee. My husband and I wanted to go so we started going. He grew up in the Methodist church and that is where we attend. I was baptized, with my kids on April 3rd of this year. Since then I have started working with the youth group (read the High School kids who are difficult to get to interact on Sunday morning) and really am enjoying it. I can't wait for the fall activities to pick back up so I can be even more involved.

I also have jumped in head first into the Pro-Life movement, I guess. What prompted this was Terri Schiavo's case. I really had a problem with so many people thinking it was ok to let her die becuase her husband said that is what she wanted. I didn't understand how flip people were about her situation. It weighed on me and I prayed. Well, the Lord led me to a Crisis Pregnancy Center where I counsel girls on what their options are which hopefully doesn't end up being abortion.

So I also started looking for abortion debate boards so I could debate my opinion with others becuase I feel so strongly about it. Well, I found out there are some nasty debate boards out there, both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. I found one though that was great becuase they monitor closely and keep out personal attacks. It is great becuase we really have an exchange of information instead of an exchange of personal attacks. We really try to debate the issues instead of who called who and "idiot". It's an emotionally charged topic so things can get heated, but it just doesn't get out of control. If you are interested in seeing what the borad is about and voiceing your opinion, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, please click on over to


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