Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunny Days

It's been sunny here over the weekend and that helps. I also have a girls weekend planned right before Thanksgiving. My friend from CA is even coming in so that will be fun.

The kids have been keeping me busy too. Princess knows the Pledge of Alligence. I am so proud. I thought I was going to teach it to her then I find out she already knows it. She learned it at Mother's Day Out (MDO). I started saying it and she just started saying it with me. She can even say it by herself. I got it on tape and everything. I think it is so cute when kids say the Pledge. And she is only 2 1/2 and she only goes to MDO one day a week!! Brag, brag, brag....

My son is equally cute. He is 18 months is saying animal noises. And he yells a lot! He has found his voice that is for sure. He mimicks everything his sister does. And also likes to cry to get his way. It has worked so far so we need to break this a bit. :)

I bought some Christmas presents yesterday. I am going to try to get my shopping done before Thanksgiving which I should be able to do. That is helping me get into a better mood. I love Christmas shopping.

I think I have some hormonal issues so I sitll need to see the GYN, FUN!! I need to have my annual checkup anyway. So I will discuss my mood with him.

Hope all had a wonderful weekend!


Blogger wendy said...

Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving? Good for you. I don't even get started until after Thanksgiving.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I used to start Xmas shopping every OCT. I got lazy the past couple years.

I hate hormones for what it's worth. Hope all is well.

12:39 PM  

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