Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday night dilemmas

To watch or not? OK, the game is not over. But I don't see how the Cardinals are going to start hitting when they seem to not be able to put up any offense in this Series, with the exception of the first game. UGH!! They were the best offensive team in the National league. What happened to my Cardinals?? Slammer is in a BAD mood. He really isn't happy. He grew up a Cardinal fan and is really not happy with the performance of the Cardinals the last couple of nights. So I am just going to go to bed and indulge in one of my guilty pleasures, ABC Soaps in Depth. Very typical of what a chic might be doing during a ball game anyway. :) Hee Hee... I am a big sports fan but I am also a chic so I just poke fun sometimes.

Political ranting?? After reading a couple of comments, maybe I will rant politics...Who knows..Not much in the mood now.

Do we ever really grow out of that high school scene? We think we grow out of the high school thing (or think we will) and I am not sure we really do. I just don't understand the whole thing of not including or making a new person welcome. I did get information on the trick or treating on Friday. Not sure if I am going or not. My husband's work is having trick or treating at lunch time so we are going to that. We'll see...

Other dilemma, my "friend" from high school wants to get together on Saturday. Again she wants it to be a family thing. My husband really wants nothing to do with the whole situation. I suggested that just the two of us get together but she wants to meet the kids, the husband all that. And I am not sure I want to. She is going to be in my town on Saturday and wants to meet for lunch or come over. I guess I could go by myself. I am seriously contemplating telling her one of the kids is sick and it is just not a good time. It's already Wednesday so I have to figure out something soon. UGH!!

Well, I am going to go check on the game. Probably not a good thing and then going to go to bed. Night all, catch you tomorrow!

PS. Silly Sam I saw that you were back! Yeah! I hope you are back for a while. I checked your blog and you haven't posted so I am not sure you are back for good. But I will keep checking.


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