Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Top Rated Series

I was just surfing the web and reading articles about Desperate Housewives, the new show on ABC. I like the show and it was the top-rated series with 21.3 million viewers Sunday night. So I was reading articles and I picked one to comment on. Not sure who wrote the article, but this was the last line "It's just that the plot is so retro, and so very wrong to be sending to young women these days. I'm sure it will be a giant hit anyway." You know why it will be a hit, becuase it is entertaining. TV is entertainment. I prefer to think of it as a wicked please as the columnist for the Seattle Times does. Read her review if you have time.


Blogger wendy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog.

I usually reserve Sunday nights for HBO but since all my favorite shows are on hiatus I watched Desperate Housewives. I have to say I really enjoyed it. It's the bizare flipside to the world of June Cleaver and Leave It to Beaver.

I also watched Boston Legal and enjoyed it. I've watched a number of David E. Kelly's shows off and on over the years. I'll probably stick with it until The Soprano's come back.

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