Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Name THREE of your........
1. Pet Peeves: line cutters, non-paying bidders, stupid people
2. Favorite Sounds: My kids laughing (is there anything better?), Spring Rain, quiet
3. Desk Items: computer screen, stufed eeyore, misc. papers
4. Biggest Fears: Being caught in a tornadic thunderstorm in a car, tornado season, tornados in general (i may be phobic)
5. Biggest Challenges: Being a SAHM with two kids under 3 that are 14 months apart, parenting, getting enough sleep
6. Newest 'Toys': satellite radio, laptop computer, digital camera
7. Most Used Words: I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired
8. Most misspelled Words: Thanks to spell check I rarely misspell words anymore :)
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Eeyore, Grumpy, Jo Jo (disney tv show)
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: Fox News, National Weather Service, eBay


Blogger Just Me said...

Name THREE of your........
1. Pet Peeves: people who block aisles in stores with their carts or kids or whatever, liars, bad drivers
2. Favorite Sounds: Kids, ocean, music
3. Desk Items: phone, laptop, and too much work junk
4. Biggest Fears: snakes, heights, heights over water
5. Biggest Challenges: Mom of a schizo, always liking myself, trusting my instincts
6. Newest 'Toys': Xbox, digital camera, stuff for redecorating
7. Most Used Words: Really? Whatever. But what do I know.
8. Most misspelled Words: I always did GREAT in spelling until I've gotten older and things like ie and ei words confuse me anymore. sigh
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Nemo...does he count?
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: Blogs, Ebay, News, etc, etc, etc

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