Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rainy Days

It's been rainy and cold (well, probably cool but I am not used to fall temps yet) yesterday and today. Chance of rain again tomorrow. And it's going to get down right cold the next couple of nights. So I am sure the heat will kick on. I have it set low so we dress warmly around here. Tonight I am freezing, of course in April this temperature will feel great. I like the change of seasons so I like the cooler weather. It just seems like we didn't get much of the inbetween temps, which always seems the case.

Had fun with kids on Monday. We played all kinds of stuff. Most popular was "Timber" on mom and dad's bed. I threw them down into the pillows on the bed. They loved it and it wore them out!! Tomorrow they have Mother's Day Out and I am doing laundry because we are taking a weekend trip for our anniversary this weekend. Sunday will mark 6 years! No kids, no dogs, no housework!!! Just some fun loving! ;)

We leave Friday and come back Sunday. So I won't be posting all weekend. Don't miss me too much. :)

I will be cheering on the Cardinals starting tomorrow night. My husband is a baseball fanatic and LOVES the Cardinals. I have a passing interest in baseball and I like the Cards. Go Cards and ESSF may the best team win. :)

Off to read my US magazine and catch up on all the Entertainment buzz, it's not been too exciting with the break up of Ben and JLO.


Blogger wendy said...

Happy Anniversary! I miss the change of seasons but not the cold.

8:02 PM  

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