Sunday, October 31, 2004

Political Post

OK, so it's less than 72 hours until we can vote, which we should do and I am going to do. Although, the thought of standing in line with 2 toddlers to wait to vote is kind of scary. But I will do it. The scarifcies I make. :) I should have voted early as my blog friend Wendy did. To be honest I didn't know you could vote early. But I will keep that in mind during the next presidentail election. Although then my kids will be in school (oh, how sad, my kids will be soo big, and I know the time will fly by...but I digress) so I will not necessarily need to vote early becuase I will have the time to stand in line.

So I am linking to an article that I LOVE! I have definite political opinions, however sometimes I find it hard to communicate intelligently my opinions. So I will probably link to some articles in the next day or so that help articulate my opinions.

I do think this is the most important election that I have ever voted in. (This will be the 4th presidential election that I have voted in.) And I suspect that looking back from a historical perspective it could be considered one of the most important presidential elections of my lifetime, with the world we live in now. So that being said. I am very passionate that George W. Bush win the election. I think it will be a close election (which frustrates me) and I am not sure Bush will win (which also frustrates me). But I will do my civic duty and hopefully will know Tuesday night or at the latest Monday morning who won. No matter who wins, I really hope it does not drag out in the courts!

So here is the article: Powdering the Vote


Blogger wendy said...

I don't know if this will be the most important election in my lifetime but it has certainly brought a new passion to politics. People are very one side or the other and for so many different reasons. I'm really interested to see the outcome.

8:26 AM  

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