Friday, October 01, 2004

The Evil Empire

I know that this is used in some circles as a reference to the Yankees, but tonight it is in reference to WalMart. I go in to buy diapers (another evil empire - diaper companies) and come out with 25 items!!!!! But I did get a bargain on kids clothes!! They had summer clothes for $1.00. So I bought summer clothes for next summer. My daughter is so small that I know the clothes will fit her and as long as my son does not have a major growth spurt the clothes will fit him too. He has been very typical on the growth chart. His age follows the size of clothing. He might be a bit bigger than some, because he does wear some 18 month clothing at 12 months but he seems to have slowed in growth somewhat. But if they can't wear them I can always sell them on eBay!! I also bought blanket sleepers and a couple of fall outfits. You have to buy the stuff when you see it or you won't be able to find it in the right size when the weather is cooler and you need the long sleeves and pants. And it is getting down to 38 here tonight so it is just a matter of time before I wake up and the high is 50 or 40.

Anyway, I was showing my hubby the clothes (yep, you made the blog, he knew he was going to make the blog tonight) and I was so proud of one outfit I bought our son. It is cute plaid flannel pants and a long sleeve shirt. Husband, preceded to say "I am going to have to start buying clothes for him before he goes to school so he doesn't get beat up". OK, it might not be a direct quote, I am paraphrasing, but I resented the fact that he thought I would dress our son so he would go to school and get beat up. I told husband that I did not buy the cute light blue, white, cream and yellow plaid shorts. I refrained! And he just shook his head. He would have said something about the shorts if I had bought them. He doesn't say anything about the clothes I buy for our son. He did say that the flannel pants reminded him of Herb Tarlic (from WKRP in Cincinnati). I resented that too! I saw the pants and they only had 3 pair and I was excited they had a size 18 months. And they were only $2.88!

I also bought a pumpkin stake to put in our front landscape area. We have an area between the front of our house and the walkway that is landscaped and so far I have 4 Halloween stakes put up. I need to quit with the stakes or it will start to look a bit tacky. Right now it is very cute still. Maybe I will take a picture and post it for you to see. I also bought a stuffed pumpkin to put on the stairs. I have an open banister and a long stairway that I decorate with snowmen in the winter and now I want to decorate with Halloween/fall things. That will have to be a work in progress though because I don't have enough money to fill all of the stairs this year.

And I bought hubby winterizer for the yard. He is going to fertilize it tomorrow. And we may start the fun project of weather proofing our fence tomorrow. Or next week. We seem to procrastinate some so I could see us putting this off until next week.

Oh, almost forgot. I am having car problems. How could I forget this?? Good news is that I think it is only going to cost $63 to fix. I have a great mechanic that I found that is honest and only fixes what is broken. I was afraid it was a transmission problem and he said it is probably just a bad sensor in the transmission which is easy to fix. So keep your fingers crossed and I might get out of a car problem for less than $100!


Blogger Jo said...

Ilove WalMart's clearance sales. You can't make some of the stuff for what you can buy it for. Good luck with your car problems. I hate car problems more than anything. You are lucky to have a good mechanic.

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