Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blogger Issues and Updates

Well, you do get what you pay for. I can't post to the blogs I read, can't post this until later (saving it as a draft for now) and I can't update my template. I found a cool one and I am going to change the name of my blog from Bebe's Blog (real orignial and creative, that's my middle name Creative-Originality) to Wildflower Dreams... I am swiping this from someone else. I should remember who so I can give credit. I found a cool blog template to go along with this new name and want to update my template but can't. Hope this post works... Also, i have decided to give the family "names" like my new friend Shadow Angel, whose blog is Musings of a Slightly Mad Housewife . She is very original and creative. Anyway, from now on my husband is Slammer, this is a nickname he earned as a daft teenager. He was drinking, for the first time, and his buddy bet him he wouldn't drink something (can't remember the specifics). Anyway, he kept drinking until he threw up and thus the name Slammer. He has since wised up. My little boy will be known as J-Dog. A nickname I call him once as a joke. Not sure why. He could be called Stinky but I don't think that is too endearing. And my daughter will be the Princess (again, showcasing my originality and creativity) but she really does act as though she could be, don't all of us chicks.. ;)


Blogger ShadowAngel said...

It sounds good, Bebe! But if you are going to change the address of your site (along with the name), please let us know the new address in advance.

You might have read a comment I made on this once before, but the reason why I use pseudonyms is to maintain a small amount of anonymity. It's not so important for myself and my husband really, since with a bit of hard work you could probably piece together personal info about us, but I consider it to be vital to the little ones' privacy and safety.

Of course, I'm happy to divulge secrets to my blogfriends privately (things like my name and my kids' real names).

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