Monday, October 18, 2004

Back to the Domestic Bliss

Well, I am back and it has been hectic. Getting kids back into a routine, getting the house back in order, catching up on sleep.

We had a great weekend. We went out and drank Saturday night which we have not done in a long while. We made sure the hotel was within walking distance of a bar. Is that bad? We also went to IMAX and watched the NASCAR IMAX film. It was good. I have only been following the sport for about 4 years so the film was interesting because there are many things about NASCAR that I do not know. My husband and I would like to try to plan a trip to Bristol,TN for a night race. I am sure tickets are sold out well in advance so I am not sure how we will get tickets. Of course saving money for the trip will have to happen too. And I want to save money to go on a nice trip for our 10 year anniversary. Fours years so we could save for a really nice trip.

I am watching the baseball game which I hope will end with the Cardinals up 3-2 in the series. So far both pitchers are pitching well.

With the kids sleeping a lot today, boy are they tired and cranky and spoiled from spending 3 days with Grammy, I got to catch up on some TV shows. I recorded Oprah on Friday because the cast of Desperate Housewives was on. I only got to watch the opening montage but I think I am going to have some issues when they try to draw parallels to real life. The show is great, but it is entertainment. I won't jump to conclusions but I hope Oprah doesn't go there with the stay at home mom/wife thing! But I won't step up on the soap box until I have watched the entire show. I don't watch Oprah much (Cameron Diaz crying about the state of our country was bit much!!) but I did like her interview with Tatum O'Neal. Interesting. I felt for her. I cannot imagine having her childhood. I was fortunate to have a semi-sane upbringing and working on doing the same for my kids and I just feel for those kids that don't ever feel loved. They end up screwing their lives up some how. As is the case with Tatum, extreme case but still.... And we all have to take responsibility at some point to put our childhood in the past, so no free pass there. I just felt for her.

Guess, that's all I have to say for now. I am going to go back to watching the baseball game! Go cards!!!!


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