Sunday, October 31, 2004

60 Minutes, Are you kidding me?

Seriously, are you kidding me? This story, about Ashlee Simpson, is ridiculous. How much more can this be blown out of proportion. It's not like she lip synched and someone else was singing. She is a singer and the recording was her singing her own song.

If you watch the video of the behind the scenes happenings, you will see the people back stage with looks of horror on their faces because of this incident. As if it was the worst thing in the world that happened.

I think this is a great example of people in the entertainment industry over-reacting about ridiculously, insignificant events and thinking that their "world" is so important. Oh, the horror, Ashlee Simpson was outed for lip synching on SNL. Stop the world and find out how this happened, why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening in the future. Oh, and make sure to give an award to 60 minutes for capturing this event and exposing it.


Political Post

OK, so it's less than 72 hours until we can vote, which we should do and I am going to do. Although, the thought of standing in line with 2 toddlers to wait to vote is kind of scary. But I will do it. The scarifcies I make. :) I should have voted early as my blog friend Wendy did. To be honest I didn't know you could vote early. But I will keep that in mind during the next presidentail election. Although then my kids will be in school (oh, how sad, my kids will be soo big, and I know the time will fly by...but I digress) so I will not necessarily need to vote early becuase I will have the time to stand in line.

So I am linking to an article that I LOVE! I have definite political opinions, however sometimes I find it hard to communicate intelligently my opinions. So I will probably link to some articles in the next day or so that help articulate my opinions.

I do think this is the most important election that I have ever voted in. (This will be the 4th presidential election that I have voted in.) And I suspect that looking back from a historical perspective it could be considered one of the most important presidential elections of my lifetime, with the world we live in now. So that being said. I am very passionate that George W. Bush win the election. I think it will be a close election (which frustrates me) and I am not sure Bush will win (which also frustrates me). But I will do my civic duty and hopefully will know Tuesday night or at the latest Monday morning who won. No matter who wins, I really hope it does not drag out in the courts!

So here is the article: Powdering the Vote

I was working in the lab late one night

when my eyes beheld an eerie sight... The Chiefs beat the Colts. YEAH!! Who would've thunk it? Not me. But I will take it! And although Mark Martin came in second, the race today was great as well. It was good to see a Hendrick team win. I am sure in a small way it helps with the pain they have been suffering through all week.

Enough about sports, the kiddos looked adorable. They were little tigers. They even roared. We just took them to my brother's house, my mom's house and my dad's house. It was a crappy night, rainy. Temperature was great, around 57, but the rain was not good. At least they aren't older because then I would have to tramp around in the rain to all the houses. And I am sure Dad will stay home when they get older. Who knows, he might surprise me... :)

Just realized as I was sitting here tonight that I did not contact my "friend" from high school. Ok so that was bad. I will send her an email tonight. Chicken way out, instead of calling. I really just got to thinking about the way the friendship was and she was always controlling. As she is being now about making this whole get together a family thing. I haven't been direct with her so I should give her a break. But I am not going to make my husband endure a visit from them when I am not even sure we will have anything in common.

I need to get back into a exercise routine!!! My brother lives on the 3rd floor in his apartment complex. And my heart was racing just a little too much for a 31 year old woman. So goal is to get that started this week. I believe I will start Tuesday, becuase it is going to be raining tomorrow and it's Monday. Excuses already! I have been eating better so that is a plus. I am eating more veggies at dinner. I need to make more healthy meals with the kids getting older and setting an example for them.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Storm Cloud Pictures

Friday, October 29, 2004


Trick-Or-Treating Early

We went trick-or-treating at Slammer's work today. Kiddos loved it. They are exhausted tonight and I can only imagine how it will be on Sunday, even though we only go to 3 houses.

I am putting off my "friend". I am conflicted. I just don't want to deal with it so I am not going to.

Stormed here tonight. I took some pictures of the clouds. I will share. Not the best pictures but some cool cloud shots.

Not much is going on. Just tired, as usual.

Oh, and I should mention that the Cardinals did lose, which everyone knows now. BOO HOO!! But it was like they weren't even in the World Series. They didn't even show up to play the last 3 games. At least one curse is over. Now the Cubs are the only cursed ones. Not sure what Boston Fans are going to do once the World Series hangover wears off. They will have nothing to complain about anymore. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday night dilemmas

To watch or not? OK, the game is not over. But I don't see how the Cardinals are going to start hitting when they seem to not be able to put up any offense in this Series, with the exception of the first game. UGH!! They were the best offensive team in the National league. What happened to my Cardinals?? Slammer is in a BAD mood. He really isn't happy. He grew up a Cardinal fan and is really not happy with the performance of the Cardinals the last couple of nights. So I am just going to go to bed and indulge in one of my guilty pleasures, ABC Soaps in Depth. Very typical of what a chic might be doing during a ball game anyway. :) Hee Hee... I am a big sports fan but I am also a chic so I just poke fun sometimes.

Political ranting?? After reading a couple of comments, maybe I will rant politics...Who knows..Not much in the mood now.

Do we ever really grow out of that high school scene? We think we grow out of the high school thing (or think we will) and I am not sure we really do. I just don't understand the whole thing of not including or making a new person welcome. I did get information on the trick or treating on Friday. Not sure if I am going or not. My husband's work is having trick or treating at lunch time so we are going to that. We'll see...

Other dilemma, my "friend" from high school wants to get together on Saturday. Again she wants it to be a family thing. My husband really wants nothing to do with the whole situation. I suggested that just the two of us get together but she wants to meet the kids, the husband all that. And I am not sure I want to. She is going to be in my town on Saturday and wants to meet for lunch or come over. I guess I could go by myself. I am seriously contemplating telling her one of the kids is sick and it is just not a good time. It's already Wednesday so I have to figure out something soon. UGH!!

Well, I am going to go check on the game. Probably not a good thing and then going to go to bed. Night all, catch you tomorrow!

PS. Silly Sam I saw that you were back! Yeah! I hope you are back for a while. I checked your blog and you haven't posted so I am not sure you are back for good. But I will keep checking.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rant Away

*Blogger is posting my comments in duplicate. I know, I know it is a free service...But I am ranty tonight! =)
*The Cardinals are not doing what I had hoped!! Down 0-3 in the Series.
*My house is a disaster. What is it about going out of town that turns your house upside down. And I didn't even go out of town. However, I think that if at least half of the family is gone from the house and come back, then house is a disaster. At least that is what I am going to tell myself so I don't take any responsibility for the house being a disaster.
*Toddlers have no respect for the house decor!! I bought a really cool garland for our fireplace for Christmas. The garland did not get put up (my fault) and DD felt it necessary to pick the faux berries off of the garland. I didn't yell at all. Just told her that it was mommy's stuff and to not touch mommy's stuff. Probably should have put her in time out because she does need to respect other people's things. But I didn't
*Still trying to figure out a way to be organized as a stay-at-home mom. I have been out of the business world for over 2 years and I still can't manage to organize my appointments. My Parents As Teachers educator showed up today at 10:00 AM and I completely for got about the appointment!! House was a wreck, I was in my nightgown still, son had just laid down for nap and the dogs were running wild. Had to throw on clothes, put the dogs in their crates and get son out of bed (he wasn't sleeping anyway. Mom is holding on for dear life to the morning nap). My choice to keep the appointment, but what the heck, she had already seen me and the house so, come on in.
*Trying to join a group is hard! Women are cliquish. It starts when we are young and it just never goes away. I went to the pumpkin patch last Wed. With what I thought was going to be the Early Childhood PTA (ECPTA). Wrong. No one showed up, except for one woman who was also with a Moms And Tots group. She eventually asked me if I wanted to join their group but I didn't. It was one of those "I guess I will ask her to join our group because it is the nice thing to do". The kids and I did our own thing and they had fun. I had called the week before to let the person in charge know that I was going to be attending. I didn't get a call that said it had been cancelled because no one signed up. So I called the President of the ECPTA to express my annoyance with the situation. There is a trick-or-treating activity on Friday listed in the newsletter as "Details to come". So I asked "how is information disseminated to the group?" She took my information to give to someone so that I would be on a distribution list. The problem I had is that they are not doing much to embrace new members and to encourage attendance at the activities. My PAT educator said that she thought they needed new members and didn't think this was the way to go about getting new members. And I agreed with her. So I am going to keep trying but I really think more should be done to welcome new members and to get them involved with the group. I really just would like to make one friend that is a stay-at-home mom so I don't feel so isolated. Who knows if I will even like any of these bimbos. With this attitude I am sure they will definitely want to be in my company. =)
*Don't get me started on politics - I don't want to lose the few readers that I have. =)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Content Sunday

So the Cardinals lost (wah!!), I have cramps and the family is home today (I am actually looking forward to that). Average it all out and it is a content day. Although the cramps somtimes trump all, but I can take medicine to help. I am going to lunch with my mom and then I am going to come home and straighten up so the place is not a complete mess. Hope the game is better tonight!

It is a beautiful day here. Sunny and a high of 74!! The weather has been beautiful this whole weekend, which is great becuase last week was complete crap with clouds and rain all week.

It is also Football sunday. My bandwagon team has lost some of its luster, the Seattle Seahawks. And my real team the Chiefs are complete losers. I don't hold out much hope for a win today, even if they do win I don'think that means anything. Some around here think they can make the playoffs, but who cares. The Chiefs have been to the playoffs. I want a Super Bowl team!!!!!!! So if the Seahawks falter I may have to find another bandwagon, which may have to be the New England Patriots. That probably should have been my first bandwagon team.

Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Delightful Day

What a day I have had. I came home this morning from visiting a friend of mine from college. Our monthly get together with my friends from college was set for last night. WEnt to dinner and then watched Twisted with Ashley Judd. Not a bad movie, not great, but not bad. I came home this morning and the house was silent, well as silent as it can be with two dogs. I did a little shopping, caught up on tv shows that I have had recorded for a month, have not picked up one thing, ate chinese (which my husband hates so I don't get the opportunity to eat it very often), and enjoyed the silence.

I took for granted my freedom before I had children. I really like time to myself and my husband does too. I think I should make it so that every once in a while my husband and I each get to enjoy quiet time in the house. It really has helped rejuvenate me. I do miss them too, it's a good missing...

So tomorrow morning I will clean up so my husband can enjoy a clean house and the kids can enjoy dragging out all of the toys again. And I will start my week all over again.

Tonight I am going to watch the World Series, GO CARDINALS!! And then I will go to sleep and not wake up until sometime in the morning. And I know it will be 5:00 or 6:00 becuase that is what my body is used to, but I don't have to get out of bed. I can go back to sleep or just lay in bed. YEAH!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Weekend with Myself

I will post more this weekend about kiddos and my visit to the Pumpkin Patch with the early childhood PTA that I joined. I get the house to myself this weekend. My hubby is taking the kids to his mom's for the weekend. I am visiting a friend on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday are all mine!! You don't know how excited I am. I love having the house to myself. And it just doesn't happen anymore! I can watch whatever I want to watch and can sleep as late as I want. I won't have to wake up in the middle of the night. I might just pee my pants right now I am so excited thinking about it. Ok, too much information.

Anyway, Cardinals win and I am kid/husband free for the weekend. I am on Cloud 9!!

We are the Champions....

of the Nationa Leauge. Bring on the Red Sox!! The Cardinals are going to the World Series.

Cardinals win! 5-2

I know, two posts in a row about baseball. I will post more that is not concerning baseball. But I have been preoccupied the last couple of nights with baseball!!

Woo hoo!! I am so happy!! Extra Strength, It was a good game and you couldn't have had any better pitcher on the mound for you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

WOO HOO!!! Cardinals WIN!!

Yeah, we are going to game 7.

Cardinals Push Astros to Decisive Game 7

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Desperate Housewives Losing sponsors

So I love Desperate Housewives and it now may have even more viewers. Tyson Foods, Lowe's Cos., and Kellogg have all decided not to buy any more air time during the hour long series. This of course could cause more people to tune in to see what all the fuss is about. I have to say I am a more conservative person and this show has no value expect for entertainment. But the great thing about this coutnry is that if you don't like it you change the channel and advertisers can pullout if they want to. And this show will end up on cable if nothing else becuase it is such a good show.

ABC Hit 'Housewives' losing sponsors

World Series hopes dashed?

I am not confident that the Cardinals can dig themselves out of the hole they have dug themselves into. They now trail in the series 2-3, after winning the first two games! As the series heads back to St. Louis, Matt Morris gets the start tomorrow night and he has been a crapbag pitcher! I do not hold out high hopes. My husband is still confident though so I will hang onto that. But disappointment has set in...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Back to the Domestic Bliss

Well, I am back and it has been hectic. Getting kids back into a routine, getting the house back in order, catching up on sleep.

We had a great weekend. We went out and drank Saturday night which we have not done in a long while. We made sure the hotel was within walking distance of a bar. Is that bad? We also went to IMAX and watched the NASCAR IMAX film. It was good. I have only been following the sport for about 4 years so the film was interesting because there are many things about NASCAR that I do not know. My husband and I would like to try to plan a trip to Bristol,TN for a night race. I am sure tickets are sold out well in advance so I am not sure how we will get tickets. Of course saving money for the trip will have to happen too. And I want to save money to go on a nice trip for our 10 year anniversary. Fours years so we could save for a really nice trip.

I am watching the baseball game which I hope will end with the Cardinals up 3-2 in the series. So far both pitchers are pitching well.

With the kids sleeping a lot today, boy are they tired and cranky and spoiled from spending 3 days with Grammy, I got to catch up on some TV shows. I recorded Oprah on Friday because the cast of Desperate Housewives was on. I only got to watch the opening montage but I think I am going to have some issues when they try to draw parallels to real life. The show is great, but it is entertainment. I won't jump to conclusions but I hope Oprah doesn't go there with the stay at home mom/wife thing! But I won't step up on the soap box until I have watched the entire show. I don't watch Oprah much (Cameron Diaz crying about the state of our country was bit much!!) but I did like her interview with Tatum O'Neal. Interesting. I felt for her. I cannot imagine having her childhood. I was fortunate to have a semi-sane upbringing and working on doing the same for my kids and I just feel for those kids that don't ever feel loved. They end up screwing their lives up some how. As is the case with Tatum, extreme case but still.... And we all have to take responsibility at some point to put our childhood in the past, so no free pass there. I just felt for her.

Guess, that's all I have to say for now. I am going to go back to watching the baseball game! Go cards!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cardinals World Series Watch

Great, Scott! Cards Up 2-0

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!! Go Cardinals!! I really hope this is their year!!

Out of town preparation, hysteria

Man, going out of town has a whole new meaning with kids (doesn't everything)!!!! There is nothing like getting ready to go out of town to put me in a mood. Once we are on the road I am ok. We take at least one trip every couple of months to visit my mother-in-law, so you would think I would have a routine or at least be used to the chaos. I am not. I have to get myself together as well as two little ones. I do use a list so I am fairly good at not forgetting things. It's just stressful to be in charge of 3 instead of 1. I wish my mom would come to our house to watch the kids, but I can't complain because she will watch them for us at the drop of a hat! So I have been going non-stop since 6:00 AM, and thankfully J-Dog did not wake up last night. So I was able to sleep un-interrupted. HALLELUJAH!!!

Stupid WalMart!! Had to run to WalMart for a few last items, two of which were bags of dog treats. Well, WalMart has these new (well, not too new) roundy-round things (technical term) and it is inevitable that I forget a bag, the one with the dog treats in it!!!! That is one of my pet peeves!! I sometimes am good at making sure to check each bag on the roundy-round thing, but not today. So I had to go back at 8:30 tonight (after the kids were in bed) and get my dog treats and hope they don't give me any crap about getting them! I am tired, trying to remember everything that needs to be done before I go to bed and now I have to go BACK to WalMart. They didn't give me any hassle. Not sure if I was too pleased with that because I was ready for a good argument. So I hate those things. I like the stores with the self check-out. Then I know that I got all of my stuff. Some friends have had problems with the self check-out but I love it. More people are liking it because they aren't as open as they used to be.

Everyone have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Name THREE of your........
1. Pet Peeves: line cutters, non-paying bidders, stupid people
2. Favorite Sounds: My kids laughing (is there anything better?), Spring Rain, quiet
3. Desk Items: computer screen, stufed eeyore, misc. papers
4. Biggest Fears: Being caught in a tornadic thunderstorm in a car, tornado season, tornados in general (i may be phobic)
5. Biggest Challenges: Being a SAHM with two kids under 3 that are 14 months apart, parenting, getting enough sleep
6. Newest 'Toys': satellite radio, laptop computer, digital camera
7. Most Used Words: I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired
8. Most misspelled Words: Thanks to spell check I rarely misspell words anymore :)
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Eeyore, Grumpy, Jo Jo (disney tv show)
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: Fox News, National Weather Service, eBay

Rainy Days

It's been rainy and cold (well, probably cool but I am not used to fall temps yet) yesterday and today. Chance of rain again tomorrow. And it's going to get down right cold the next couple of nights. So I am sure the heat will kick on. I have it set low so we dress warmly around here. Tonight I am freezing, of course in April this temperature will feel great. I like the change of seasons so I like the cooler weather. It just seems like we didn't get much of the inbetween temps, which always seems the case.

Had fun with kids on Monday. We played all kinds of stuff. Most popular was "Timber" on mom and dad's bed. I threw them down into the pillows on the bed. They loved it and it wore them out!! Tomorrow they have Mother's Day Out and I am doing laundry because we are taking a weekend trip for our anniversary this weekend. Sunday will mark 6 years! No kids, no dogs, no housework!!! Just some fun loving! ;)

We leave Friday and come back Sunday. So I won't be posting all weekend. Don't miss me too much. :)

I will be cheering on the Cardinals starting tomorrow night. My husband is a baseball fanatic and LOVES the Cardinals. I have a passing interest in baseball and I like the Cards. Go Cards and ESSF may the best team win. :)

Off to read my US magazine and catch up on all the Entertainment buzz, it's not been too exciting with the break up of Ben and JLO.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Rained most of the day today. I really want some chocolate or ice cream or cookies, something sweet. Maybe I will be bad and go get ice cream at the store after I put the kids to bed.

Princess has learned that if she drops something on accident (or purpose) J-Dog will get it for her. It's a game to him. And she thinks it's great that he will do what she tells him too. Oh, how the fun will start when he turns 2!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mommy Notes

Well, I had to go digging in my son's poop this week. I can't emphasize enough that no one can ever tell you what parenting is going to be like. When you don't have kids, you poo-poo the comments anyway..."Yeah, right, I know...I know...It's hard work, it's not for the faint at heart..Blah..Blah..Blah..." Well, it's not for the weak-stomached either!! My son has had diarrhea off and on (more on than off) for a month and a half. I finally took him to the doctor because this can't be right. I know there is such a thing as toddler diarrhea but give me a break. His poor bottom was so raw. So I took him in. And they bascially told me everything I already know. Is he drinking milk? No his is on Soy milk. Fixed the first issue with diarrhea and vomiting at 12 months. Not a bug because it has lasted so long. Not mal-nourishing because he has gained almost 2 pounds in 2 months (his last checkup). So it is probably toddler diarrhea. In that case you just deal with it until it goes away. BUT! The doctor still wanted to check for man-nourishment and some parasite (which it is not because he is not in pain or acting sick). So I have to collect 3 samples, Your kidding, right? Nope!! 3 samples. So I have to take the diaper in the bathroom and dig through diarrhea with a tongue depressor and get enough crap (literally) in 2 jars with liquid in them. Oh that is nice to see, the poop mixing with the liquid. And one sample in a pee specimen cup. All the while my 2 year old is standing on her tip toes to see what is going on and asking "What doing, mommy? What doing?" Well, dear I am playing in your brother's poop. "Ohhh" in the tone like "what are you an idiot?" So I will find out the results on Monday which will be that he has toddler diarrhea and I just have to deal with it. My husband says "aren't you at least glad that you will know that he is ok". I said I know he is ok and I didn't have to dig in his poop to know that. :) When I got done at the doctor's office and was telling him what had to be done, I told Slammer that the doctor said that it would be best for the dad to collect the sample because he is the Dad. He didn't fall for it...

THE BINKY IS GONE! I repeat THE BINKY IS GONE! So Princess loves her binky, good thing is she loves her blankie more. Which dear mom sort of helped along, knowing that binky would be the first friend she would have to say goodbye to. I am not opposed to binkys. In fact I think they are a great thing. I decided at 2 we would shift Princess and Binky to a nap and bedtime only relationship. She did well with the transition. She only had one or two instances when we were going somewhere that she wanted it because it was our routine to find binky and blankie before we left. So for the last 5 months Binky has only been used for nap and bed time. Well, tonight binky went bye bye for good. Princess was going to stay with Grammy all night. She was at Grammy's so Slammer and I could have dinner in peace. So we went to pickup the kids and Princess wanted to stay. More to play with the cool castle that is at Grammy's than to stay the night but I thought she might go ahead and stay. She didn't have her binky but that didn't seem to bother her. She still wanted to stay with Grammy. So I let her stay, knowing also that Lately, she has not wanted to stay at Grammy's as much and has had a problem with staying overnight the last couple of times I have left her. Before bed she says she wants mommy. The last few times she has stayed but tonight she really didn't want to stay. And she is getting sick so I went back to get her. Well, I was going to use this night to take the binkys away since she did not need it at Grammy's and my mom (Grammy) said that she really didn't seem to miss the binky. So I brought her home and put her in bed and she was just getting ready to fall asleep when she said Binky. They were not in plain sight, so I said "I thought there was no binky" She kind of whimpered but laid back down. I found the binkys (she has 3) and snuck them out. They are now in my underwear drawer where she will not find them. And on Friday they go out with the trash. Yeah!! My plan was to have them gone by the time she was 3 but I was going to wait until the first of the year to take them. So far it seems way to easy. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Friday, October 08, 2004


I changed my template again. The last one was pretty and I loved the colors, but the code was too much to keep up with. This template is setup for easier use with blogger. And I did not create these templates (wish I were that creative and artistic). I found them on the internet. They have templates you can use if you link back to them. Which I need to do with this template. I don't have the link credit on it yet.


I changed my template again. The last one was pretty and I loved the colors, but the code was too much to keep up with. This template is setup for easier use with blogger. And I did not create these templates (wish I were that creative and artistic). I found them on the internet. They have templates you can use if you link back to them. Which I need to do with this template. I don't have the link credit on it yet.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Title again....

I FOUND IT!! Yeah, a blog title that fits (at least for the next 5 minutes) For those of you that loved Seinfeld you will recognize it. Serenity NOW!! My husband is always saying something from that show. And as I was perusing blogs this evening (since my TV is being held hostage by the Baseball playoffs) something hit me and I thought what a great name for my blog. So there you go....

Other things going on with me, I got a haircut. I am letting my hair grow out. It was cut really short, almost above my ears. So I went 10 weeks without a hair cut and it was driving me crazy. The woman who cuts my hair is GREAT!! She gave it some more style without taking too much off. So I am off again for another 10 weeks to let it grow more. I just love it when my hair looks good. Makes me feel better about myself!

Friend or Foe?

WARNING - It's long!!!

So I have a friend from high school (will call her A) that I haven't talked to since 1997. She called out of the blue about a month ago. I was just getting home from WalMart on a Friday night and the phone rang. My husband was at the ballgame and my mom was with me so I checked called id to see who it was because I didn't know who would be calling. And it was A, her name was on my caller id. I let it go through to voice mail. So I called her back on Sunday.

The conversation was going well. She said the reason she called was because she was at a wedding shower for a friend. This friend had several friends from grade school there. The friends stayed in touch over the years and still got together. I was A's maid of honor, the only person to stand up with her at her wedding, and she got to thinking about me. That's what prompted the phone call. So we were catching up and I was going to have to go because J-Dog was throwing a huge fit and Slammer could not get him calmed down. Then came the point in the conversation that I can't let go. She said that she didn't even remember why we quit talking. I said me, either and though that would be the end of it. But then she said, "well B (her husband, we'll call him B) remembers. He always remembers when people treat me badly." Which implies I was the reason we quit talking and was mean to her. At that point, I said I had to go.

We exchanged emails and we were going to meet up at a local fall festival a couple of weeks back, but it rained so I didn't venture out with the kids. So I called her on the Sunday after the festival and we decided to go to some kid place near her house. We just need to find a good weekend and then we would get back with each other. I have not called back or sent an email since then. I am going to, I just don't know what to say in the email because I am really torn about striking up a friendship again.

High School - A and I became friends in high school. We did a lot of things together, especially on Saturday night because her boyfriend worked on Friday nights. So she would spend Friday night with her BF and me on Saturday night. This was perfect for her until I got a boyfriend. And my boyfriend worked a varying schedule each week. And some Saturday nights we would want to do something so I couldn't spend the time with A. A didn't like this. Being the control freak that she is, made me feel like I was being a bad friend because I would not make Friday night my date night too and we could still keep our Saturday nights. I thought this was completely selfish. And I did not like being made to feel like I was betraying our friendship, when I was just telling her that we would have to work around Saturday nights. Meaning we could do things on other nights and oh, if I was really important as a friend, she could re-arrange her schedule too and not have to see her BF EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!! (Wow, after all this time I am still a bit bitter. Bad thing about us women, we remember everything and it is hard to let go sometimes. At least for me....) At this time I was not very confrontational, and she was a complete control freak (and in debate). So I felt that I would not get my point across because she would manipulate me into saying I was sorry or something. So I wrote a letter and left it at her house for her. I told her all of this stuff and that I did not want to be friends with someone who wanted to control my life. She called me crying and telling me she still wanted to be friends. I don't remember the specifics of this conversation. But we stayed friends and I saw my BF when I wanted to.

College - I went to the same college as A's boyfriend C (new guy, I also went to HS with C and had a class with him, which was used to A's benefit while I was in HS). We lived very close to each other but rarely saw each other. He was a baseball player and I was a sorority girl (yeah, I was, I wasn't going to be a sorority girl, but that is a story for another time). The only time I saw him was when A was in town. I drove C to the city to buy A an engagement ring. So at the time C and I were talking some. A got jealous and accused C of having an affair with me!! C told me this and I never confronted A about it. I just decided that she really wasn't a true friend. I was her maid of honor and we did stay in contact. (I had to wear a pale pink, 80's type maid of honor dress - I will take a picture of it and post it if I can find it - NICE!!)

Post College (The Incident that caused us not to talk) - She went onto Law school and I moved away right after college. Again stayed in contact but we really weren't all that close. I visited her once that I can think of from the end of High School to Post College. For her graduation, I was in town and had told her I would attend her graduation. It was on a Sunday and I had a 3 hour drive home. They came out to meet me at a shopping center. (This meeting point was not out of their way) In the mean time I decided I did not want to go. Should have told her this up front but I am a wimpy person sometimes. So I bailed out when they called. I told them I didn't feel well and I really needed to get back home. Which I did. I had just started seeing Slammer and wanted to get back to see him. I didn't feel too bad because everything had always been about her. And I wanted to see my new BF (and future hubby) So I am sure that pissed her off and I never heard from her again. I know the phone works both ways and I didn't call her either. So that is the bad way that I treated her and C remembers!

Here is my opinion. If you are still mad about that or have a problem with how I did something 7 years ago, why call me now. If it were me, I would just let it be water under the bridge if I wanted to renew a friendship. So the comment she made on the phone call bugs me and I probably should mention it to her when I call her about meeting her. I kind of feel like I am being tested and if I pass then we can be friends, otherwise she will just know that I was the mean bad person she had written me off as. Slammer just wants me to tell her to take a hike. He does not want to spend time with them at all. The get together was going to be a family affair. So I either just forget the comment and try renewing the friendship, or I tell her my issue and try renewing the friendship. Again, I am kind of wimpy when it comes to standing up for myself. I take the easy way out a lot, the non-confrontational way. So when I do contact her I will probably do it by email. But that could break one of my life rules that my mom taught me, which is to never write down anything you wouldn't want anyone else to read. I wouldn't care what I write down, but she could then send it to all of her friends to read and stuff like that. And sometimes things come across more harsh than meant. So I don't know what to do. I am going to make some decision by the weekend and contact her by Sunday. That is my goal!

Whew! If you read all of that, thanks!! Hope it wasn't too boring. Not sure I would even read all of that!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

TV Shows

I am on a posting frenzy tonight. I have done nothing but surf the web. It's nice not doing any house work! Why do all of the good shows get cancelled or cut short. I loved ED but it was only on for 4 seasons. I loved Freaks and Geeks but it only lasted for 18 short episodes. I love Arrested Development and it does not have a great ratings showing. It is coming back in January. I am glad that it won 5 emmys because now maybe more people will tune in. It's on a bad night - Sunday. But invest in a DVR with a dual receiver and you can record two shows at once.

Here's my problem

So I am already thinking about changing my blog title. I sometimes have problems making decisions and sticking with them. I also have a problem deciding who I am, I think. I want a cool blog and I think I am trying to hard. I just need to be myself. But who is that?? So I am perusing some things on the internet that are my likes, interests, etc.... And then I may change my name again. I am going to keep the same URL for now. Hang in there with me. I am still going to post. I just want my blog to reflect me. I am being introspective tonight. :)

Top Rated Series

I was just surfing the web and reading articles about Desperate Housewives, the new show on ABC. I like the show and it was the top-rated series with 21.3 million viewers Sunday night. So I was reading articles and I picked one to comment on. Not sure who wrote the article, but this was the last line "It's just that the plot is so retro, and so very wrong to be sending to young women these days. I'm sure it will be a giant hit anyway." You know why it will be a hit, becuase it is entertaining. TV is entertainment. I prefer to think of it as a wicked please as the columnist for the Seattle Times does. Read her review if you have time.

Proud and funny moments

So I changed the name of my blog to Pandemonium Postings. And I conquered adding comments to my new template last night. Very proud of myself. Now I just need to add the archives and tweak a few more things and then I will be done. At least for a few days until I want a new template. :)

Princess did a sommersalt today! She is gettting so big. She's almost 2 1/2! Yesterdy we were in teh car and her mirror fell down that is on the back of the passenger's seat. She said with "Oh, no, I can't see myself!" It was funny.

As for J-Dog, he is starting to run more and more. And the other night he was crawling backwards. WHY? not sure, he hasn't been crawling for a few months. I told him to come here, so I could put his shoes on and he crawled backwards towards me. He is also sititng on the couch and watching tv some. Princess has always been into the TV so I have to make sure we are doing other activities as well, but J-Dog doesn't watch much tv. He is too interested in finding things to get into or break or throw. So he will now watch some tv, sitting on the couch. He likes Jay, Jay the Jet plane and he watche some Barney (Princess' favorite, next to Dora) this morning. I swore before I was a parent there would be no Barney in the house. But I gave in. I do however ban Teletubbies and Boombah from my TV. I really like Oswald because it is a quiet and calm show, unlike say a Dora which I classify as loud. But it can get old becuase I think they only made about 5 episodes. Another thing J-Dog is doing is giving kisses with his mouth closed now. No more open mouth baby kisses. He even makes the "smooch" noise. So cute....

Ok, so I am going to try and meet some (or at least one) stay at home mom in my area so I don't feel so isolated. This blog has helped a great deal with that as well. I am joining the Early Childhood PTA. We'll see how it goes. I will keep you posted.

Monday, October 04, 2004


I keep trying to make a cute template but it doesn't agree with blogger. Doesn't help that I have just enough html knowledge to be dangerous.... So the blog will be going through changes until I can find something I like.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blogger Issues and Updates

Well, you do get what you pay for. I can't post to the blogs I read, can't post this until later (saving it as a draft for now) and I can't update my template. I found a cool one and I am going to change the name of my blog from Bebe's Blog (real orignial and creative, that's my middle name Creative-Originality) to Wildflower Dreams... I am swiping this from someone else. I should remember who so I can give credit. I found a cool blog template to go along with this new name and want to update my template but can't. Hope this post works... Also, i have decided to give the family "names" like my new friend Shadow Angel, whose blog is Musings of a Slightly Mad Housewife . She is very original and creative. Anyway, from now on my husband is Slammer, this is a nickname he earned as a daft teenager. He was drinking, for the first time, and his buddy bet him he wouldn't drink something (can't remember the specifics). Anyway, he kept drinking until he threw up and thus the name Slammer. He has since wised up. My little boy will be known as J-Dog. A nickname I call him once as a joke. Not sure why. He could be called Stinky but I don't think that is too endearing. And my daughter will be the Princess (again, showcasing my originality and creativity) but she really does act as though she could be, don't all of us chicks.. ;)

Blogger Issues

Well, you do get what you pay for. I can't post to the blogs I read and I can't update my template. I found a cool one and I am going to change the name of my blog from Bebe's Blog (real orignial and creative, that's my middle name Creative-Originality) to Wildflower Dreams... I am swiping this from someone else. i should remember who so I can give credit. I found a cool blog template to go along with this new name and want to update my template but can't. Hope this post works... Also, i have decided to give the family "names" like my new friend Shadow Angel, whose blog is Musings of a Slightly Mad Housewife . She is very original and creative. Anyway, from now on my husband is Slammer, this is a nickname he earned as a daft teenager. He was drinking, for the first time, and his buddy bet him he wouldn't drink something (can't remember the specifics). Anyway, he kept drinking until he threw up and thus the name Slammer. He has since wised up. My little boy will be known as J-Dog. A nickname I call him once as a joke. Not sure why. He could be called Stinky but I don't think that is too endearing. And my daughter will be the Princess (again, showcasing my originality and creativity) but she really does act as though she could be, don't all of us chicks..:)

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Evil Empire

I know that this is used in some circles as a reference to the Yankees, but tonight it is in reference to WalMart. I go in to buy diapers (another evil empire - diaper companies) and come out with 25 items!!!!! But I did get a bargain on kids clothes!! They had summer clothes for $1.00. So I bought summer clothes for next summer. My daughter is so small that I know the clothes will fit her and as long as my son does not have a major growth spurt the clothes will fit him too. He has been very typical on the growth chart. His age follows the size of clothing. He might be a bit bigger than some, because he does wear some 18 month clothing at 12 months but he seems to have slowed in growth somewhat. But if they can't wear them I can always sell them on eBay!! I also bought blanket sleepers and a couple of fall outfits. You have to buy the stuff when you see it or you won't be able to find it in the right size when the weather is cooler and you need the long sleeves and pants. And it is getting down to 38 here tonight so it is just a matter of time before I wake up and the high is 50 or 40.

Anyway, I was showing my hubby the clothes (yep, you made the blog, he knew he was going to make the blog tonight) and I was so proud of one outfit I bought our son. It is cute plaid flannel pants and a long sleeve shirt. Husband, preceded to say "I am going to have to start buying clothes for him before he goes to school so he doesn't get beat up". OK, it might not be a direct quote, I am paraphrasing, but I resented the fact that he thought I would dress our son so he would go to school and get beat up. I told husband that I did not buy the cute light blue, white, cream and yellow plaid shorts. I refrained! And he just shook his head. He would have said something about the shorts if I had bought them. He doesn't say anything about the clothes I buy for our son. He did say that the flannel pants reminded him of Herb Tarlic (from WKRP in Cincinnati). I resented that too! I saw the pants and they only had 3 pair and I was excited they had a size 18 months. And they were only $2.88!

I also bought a pumpkin stake to put in our front landscape area. We have an area between the front of our house and the walkway that is landscaped and so far I have 4 Halloween stakes put up. I need to quit with the stakes or it will start to look a bit tacky. Right now it is very cute still. Maybe I will take a picture and post it for you to see. I also bought a stuffed pumpkin to put on the stairs. I have an open banister and a long stairway that I decorate with snowmen in the winter and now I want to decorate with Halloween/fall things. That will have to be a work in progress though because I don't have enough money to fill all of the stairs this year.

And I bought hubby winterizer for the yard. He is going to fertilize it tomorrow. And we may start the fun project of weather proofing our fence tomorrow. Or next week. We seem to procrastinate some so I could see us putting this off until next week.

Oh, almost forgot. I am having car problems. How could I forget this?? Good news is that I think it is only going to cost $63 to fix. I have a great mechanic that I found that is honest and only fixes what is broken. I was afraid it was a transmission problem and he said it is probably just a bad sensor in the transmission which is easy to fix. So keep your fingers crossed and I might get out of a car problem for less than $100!