Monday, September 13, 2004

The weekend

So we had the garage sale. I was exhausted most of the weekend and it sucked! There was another event going on in town that I forgot about so I think that is why it bombed. We may try to have it again in a couple of weeks. JOY!

I did clean out car seats this weekend. We can no longer feed a small country with cheerios. I also found a few magnetic letters and numbers. THey are everywhere except the refrigerator!

Sunday was football!! I took a nap as is my normal ritual on football sunday when the kids are napping. My Chiefs lost on Sunday night so I wasn't thrilled about that.

Added some new items to ebay so I can try to make more money. Not hard work just time consuming.

I love weather so I have been tracking the hurricane. Hope it veers away from Florida. Also hope it looses strengths. It's huge right now!!

Need to do laundry, so I must close now.


Blogger Samantha said...

Getting stuff done on your list I see! Did you find a list helped you? Maybe I should do one.

2:36 AM  
Blogger ShadowAngel said...

Ewww, garage sales! Too much work and too little profit. That's why I donate all my junk to my church's annual garage sale. They can do all the work and I'm happy they get the money.

Oh, I'm so afraid to clean out the car seats! Oh, the horror I will face when I take off those covers! But I'd better do it soon, before the weather turns cold. *sigh*

8:01 AM  

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