Sunday, September 05, 2004

To Do List

I am a person that functions better when I have lists to work from. So to try to make sense of the chaos that I call life I am going to make a list of things I need to do.

1. Get up at a regular time, instead of letting my 13 month-old wake me up with his screaming.
2. Eat better
3. Organize photos
4. Complete Baby Books
5. Start Wedding album
6. Clean up piles of crap in my room
7. Laundry
8. Dishes
9. Clean up toys
10. Make a list each day of things I need to complete
11. Pay Bills (this really should be higher on the list)
12. Go to the gym and do cardio work (not just attend YOGA classes)
13. Clean up Christmas storage room
14. Hang up pictures
15. Buy picture for front room and hang up
16. Organize lower garage (this really is my husband's job but I will have to remind him :))
17. Have garage sale
18. Clean out upper garage
19. Determine plans for finishing off basement
20. Look up ADOBE information for my dad (he's only been asking me to do this for weeks!)
21. Clean up the dogs (another item that needs to be higher on list, maybe the list is not in importance order, it's just a listing as it comes in my head)
22. Call friends (definitely needs to be done soon)
23. List more items on eBay (MAKE MONEY!!)
24. Clean cars - inside and out
25. Clean car seats - My kids could live for months on the food in them - GROSS!
26. Create a plan for each day for taking care of the kids and for keeping them busy, happy and stimulated (a changeable plan, but a plan none the less)
27. Clean up laundry room
28. Landscaping by air conditioners
29. Plan landscaping for backyard for next Spring
30. Clean windows
31. Take stickers off windows that have been there for over a year!!!!!!!
32. Plan in time for myself each day (Really should have thought of this before number 32!!)
33. Clean out refrigerator
34. DUST!! (I hate to dust)
35. Start Christmas lists (Man is it that time of year again!)
36. Start Christmas shopping
37. Buy Halloween costume for son (will call him the linebacker from now on, will explain in later blog to come, oh the suspense....)
38. See if Halloween costume for daughter (will call her the Princess, no explanation necessary, really) fits from last year
39. Water plants (seeing as how this is #39 on the list it really is no wonder they don't last long around here...)
40. Plan trip for anniversary in October
41. Clean bathrooms (YUCK!!)
42. Hire cook (I wish)
43. Hire housecleaner (I wish more)
44. Go to PAT event
45. Get pillows made for two window seats in the house
46. Buy Hallmark ornaments (Talk to Lisa)
47. Waterseal fence
48. Sweep floors
49. Buy drawer organizers for kitchen and bathroom
50. Buy tarp for outdoor furniture
51. Clean off back porch
52. Copy cds for Dad
53. Reformat brother's computer (again husband will be doing actual work, just have to remember it for him)
54. Setup mom's printer (ditto)
55. Pick football teams with husband so I can prove my superiority in football knowledge and obtain bragging rights for the next year
56. Setup eBay accounting so I can be prepared for tax season
57. Remind husband to setup education savings account for our son
58. Go through crap in basement
59. Put out fall/halloween decor
60. Go through kids clothes that are too small

I think this is all for now. God it's no wonder I can't sleep at night with all this crap wondering around in my head. Maybe I will sleep better tonight. And the hubby is getting up with my youngest tonight so maybe I will be rested in the morning.


Blogger akridiy said...

You kiddin? And how can you do it?

9:58 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

HAHA! #1 and #25 are soo me! I was crackin up at that list! Man the stuff that piles up to do! I'm scared to make a list. :(

10:59 PM  
Blogger ShadowAngel said...

Ha! Good luck! If I tried to make a list it would proably have hundreds of items on it!

4:34 PM  

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