Thursday, September 30, 2004

Postings from last night and stuff....

My posts from last night are all out of order. So you may think you are reading the postings of an idiot but I am not (at least most days). I really liked my bandwagon post which was the last one I did this morning while I couldn't sleep. But it was posted in my blog like it was the 1st or 2nd thing I posted. Oh, well...

Watched the debates tonight. Really not much of a reason for me to watch because I have my mind made up on who I am voting for. But I think they are interesting.

One of my favoirte sandwiches is an Italin Steak sandwich from a restaurant that closed here it town. I found frozen country fried steaks by Tyson and tried making my own Italian Steak sandwiches tonight for dinner. They weren't bad. I used Hunt's spagehtti sauce becuase it was CHEAP!! Next time I might use a different brand but they were good. Even the picky husband liked them!!

Let's see what did I laugh at today that the kids did. I don't think I was much in a laughing mood becuase of a killer headache and cramps. I did go to the grocery store to get milk. And I will digress for a minute. I have to buy 3 kinds of milk!! For the love, 3 different kinds. My DD is on 2% and husband drinks 1% and DS cannot digest cow's milk yet so he drinks SILK (soy milk). And the cost of the Soy milk is not much different than the cost of formula! It is $3.15 for a half gallon here!!! That is $6.30 for a gallon of milk, for those of you in Rio linda. (hee hee) I am sure it is more expensive other places, but it's a cost of living thing I am sure. I am here in the midwest so it might be a bit cheaper here than on the coasts. Anyway, as we were coming home from the grocery store my daughter was making my son laugh and that is really cute. She plays peek a boo. One day she was droppoing cheerios in the middle of the two car seats and saying in a deep voice (that is her new thing, voices that are high and low) "Hey man, don't drop the cheerios" I was laughing along with my son until I looked back and saw a stack of cheerios in the middle seat. And mind you I just cleaned up a whole box full of cheerios out of both car seats and the back seat of the car! Not so funny anymore. But I do love to hear the two of them interacting. That's the great thing that is going on with the kids right now.


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