Saturday, September 25, 2004

Postings from the edge...

Well, I really do have a lot to post about since it has been a week. We will start with the in-laws. I feigned sickness. I really am not feeling all that well, so I could sneak into my room and catch up on the happenings in the world from my computer. I really have not been in touch this week. My MIL and AIL (aunt-in-law) took my daughter shopping. I really didn't want to go, so we moved her car seat to my aunt's car. One of my specialties, putting in car seats, properly. And my husband and his brother are watching college football, snooze.... It really hasn't been too bad. MIL usually says something to boil my blood a bit and so far so good....

One positive with all of the attention here for my daughter is that since Friday after her nap, she has not peed in her pull-ups!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!! I just hope we can keep up the momentum once her audience leaves. I guess mommy and daddy aren't enough of an audience to get her to keep going to the potty.

Son is in mommy mode. I think he is not feeling well. On top of all the regular cleaning I have had to do. He has kept me busy as well. Every morning I have been washing his bedding because he has had diarrhea either in the middle of the night (let me tell you how I love to change sheets at 3:00 AM and give my son a quick bath) or in the morning. Either way it has been all over his bed. Only twice did I have to wash him as well. I really hope it is just teething. I have pulled him off of fruit and juice. But he really doesn't eat anything other than fruit and meat. I can't get him to eat veggies, no matter how much butter is on them. AIL had a good idea of adding cinnamon and brown sugar to carrots to get him to eat them. Sounds like I could fix them like sweet potatoes. Hey, I could try sweet potatoes. He might eat those and I know for a fact those bind him up because he could not eat them as an infant. He seems fine other than a couple of days he has had a slight fever, again leading me to believe he is teething. He is 14 months old and only has 5 teeth. Many are on the verge of breaking through. So that's my drama with him.

Tuesday, I did my annual ornament shopping. I have an inside connection and get them half off before the season. Wednesday, cleaning while kids were at Mother's Day Out. What a way to spend mother's day out! Thursday, more cleaning, cooking and kid developing. Friday, SSDD. I left out Monday. I am not sure what I did Monday. I do know I had a conversation with a friend of mine that I have just started speaking with again after 6 years. But that is for another post.

And today all I feel like I have been doing is cooking and cleaning. I made pancakes for breakfast, lunch was sandwiches and chips on paper plates and I am making my world famous (in my head at least they are world famous) meatballs. So that made for a busy morning and early afternoon, since I had to run to the store because I forgot the tomato sauce. And I don't care what store I go to or when I go it is inevitable that I pick up something that I don't need. Today the grocery store had beautiful, big mums on sale for 4/$10. $2.50!!! Can you believe the price... So I bought a mum and tomato sauce and tomato paste. And chips because I forgot I needed those for lunch and snacks. I did have broccoli and carrots as well but the chips were a hit. So needless to say I didn't want to go shopping. I am dead on my feet and cannot wait to go to bed tonight!! I just hope the boy doesn't wake up but I have a feeling he will since his bowels are messed up.


Blogger ShadowAngel said...

Wow, you sound busy!

Poor baby, I hope he gets over it soon. I remember nights like that all too well. I suppose you could call his doctor, but he probably wouldn't tell you anything you didn't already know.

Yeah, mums are dirt cheap out here too this year! It's a wonderful thing.

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