Thursday, September 09, 2004

Garage Sales...Why do I bother

I always say I am never going to do another garage sale. but mom has me roped into yet another one. I have been working the past two days to get it together. After Saturday, NO MORE!!! I am sooooooooooo tired!!!!!

Big girl is doing good in her bed. She has turned the light off that is right by her bed, it is a soft light but still bright. So I think that is a sign she is getting more comfortable. She still has a small night light on. She didn't cry much at all tonight. She was extremely tired. And can we say attitude....I think I am in the thick of this Terrbile two thing. Today everything was NO and she was throwing herself down, major whining. She even pushed me one time today. Boy was that a no, no!!

The boy is teething. He is cranky and he wants his mommy. My husband had to deal with him this evening and he cried the whole time I was gone (setting up the garage sale). Poor hubcap.... My boy is sweet though. I am getting lots of kisses and hugs. I love the age from about 13 months to right up to 2 years old. I like toddlers too, it's just different. From 13 months to 2, they don't get the whole no thing so they are into everything but they aren't yelling it back at you either and they are sweet as can be. He is getting to be a big boy too. Last night I told him to go tell daddy night, night and he ran right to his daddy and gave him a hug and kiss. He then proceeded ahead of me to his room so he could shut the door and then he went to the rocker to wait for me to sit down so we could read our books. So big!!!!!! He is also mimicking like crazy. Repeats every word we say. Good thing becuase his sister is a talker so he needs to learn in order to keep up with us girls during the day. :)


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