Sunday, September 26, 2004

Football in Missouri....

or should I say Misery!!!! The St. Louis Rams and the KC Chiefs are both a whopping 0-3 for the year. St. Louis is the same old story, as it has been for the last two years. They have got to be calling for someone's head there, Martz and/or Bulger. I am sure it doesn't help that the NY Giants are 2-1 with Kurt Warner as the QB!!

And what do I say abou the Chiefs??? I knew from the off season that we were not going to be that much improved because the defense did not change, except for the coordinator. Of course, you may think I am quoting all the talking heads becuase that is the popular jargon being splashed around about the Chiefs. My husband can confirm that I was not pleased that no player changes were made in the off season. And I have not been a fan of the head coaching position since Vermiel took it over. He was miserable in ST. Louis until his power was taken away and he was told to make some changes. Like get rid of some players on defense that played like S**T!! I am afraid he is too buddy, buddy with Carl Peterson to get the same changes made in KC. We will have to see what next year brings because the Chiefs season is over!

I am officially jumping on the bandwagon of the Seattle Seahawks. They are 3-0 and gave the SF 49ers their first shut out since the 70's. Go Seahawks!!


Blogger Extra Strength Surfing Fingers said...

Yeah, Seattle's doing a great job so far this season!

Sorry for the Chiefs' loss! (NOT!!! Besides Bebe, in case anybody is wondering why I said that, I'm a Texans fan.)

You could also try following the Texans just to see how it goes. Besides, Seattle's off this weekend so ya got to watch somebody on the weekend. Texans are playing the Raiders....

Poor Kansas City has a Monday Night Football game against Baltimore! Bwahahahaha! I feel for them.

Take care.

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