Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Can't sleep rambles

Well, it is approximately 12:0 AM here and I cannot sleep. So let's see what's on my mind....Went to bed at 8:30 with a splitting headache. It's subdued now. Also had awful stomach problems. Also subsided somewhat. Not sure what the deal is, probably caught a bug from one of the kids.

So I need to work on Christmas lists for the grandparents. And need to start christmas shopping so I can get it down before THanksgiving. That's my goal. Also need to get Christmas cards, but I won't do that until closer to the end of November becuase I go to Sam's and get cards with the kids' picture to show off to all the friends and relatives.

Need to finsih staining the initials for the kids' rooms. Also have shelves I need to stain for their rooms. Also have pictures that need to be framed and put up. We have lived here over a year and I still have pictures to hang up on the walls.

Also need to work on baby books and sorting out pictures. As well as date my videos taken of the kids.

Want to submit my mom's house for an extreme makeover. Have never watched the show but see the commercials. Her house could use an extreme makeover. Maybe I will check out the website after I am done with my posting.

Just had something else to ramble about but it left my head. Oh, here is something, my car is having problems. The check engine light is on and It doesn't gear down properly. when I accelerate the rpms rev really high and it does nto gear down like it is supposed to. They guy that I take the car to and trust can't check it yet because his machine that checks the computer on the cars is broke. Hope it is fixed tomorrow so I can see how much the damage will be to the bank account!! UGH!!

Thinking of joining a mommy group and/or the Preschool PTA. I need to find another stay-at-home mom to do things with. I think that would help with the enjoyment of my job. My friends from college all work and have kids. Love them, swap war stories, but it would be good to have a stay-at-home mom perspective. Just like having a friend at work to bitch about work with, would be good to have a stay-at-home mom to swap "work" stories with. Of course, that is why i write the blog too. Definitley a good way to connect with other mommies.

What the kids did today to make me laugh...We have this ball thing with stubs on it that bounces around all over the floor. Drives the dogs crazy but the kids love it. I was holding it up to my mouth and makeing an "ahh" sound to make my voice vibrate. Of course, not thinking that kids imitate everything mommy does. They try it. But they put one of the stubs in thier mouths and then make the "ahh" sound. This was over the top hiliarious. of course, hubby points out htey could lose a tooth, but i am rolling on floor laughing. It doesn't jiggle enough to take out a tooth and it was funny. Got it on tape.

DD is a singing fool. She currently likes the song "If your happy and you know it". Got her singing it on video yesterday. It's so cute becuase some of the words are sung and some are hummed. ANd in the middle she just stops and Says I need a drink picks up the sippy cup, takes a drink and then continues on with the song. If I can figure out if it is possible to put a movie clip up on the blog, I will because it is so funny. Of course, you all could be bored by it seeing as how you aren't her doting mother. But I think it is adorable.

Need to look on internet for ideas to do with the kids. I actually think I do have ideas of things to do with the kids but my youngest is just getting to the age that he can do more activies so I need to ease up on the thinking that I am not doing enough to stimulate the kids. It is my thought that kids are so regimented, and at an early age, that they need time to just be kids and play. Of course, then I get caught up in the main stream thinking and I feel like I need to do more art with the kids, or we need more music time, or we need more outside time. I do read to the kids a lot becuase they like books. And my PAT (Parents As Teachers) educator told me at our last meeting that she was happy to hear that I was reading to the kids becuase I would be surprised how many parents don't read to their kids. So I felt good about that. But I really should just feel good that I am here with my kids every day. I don't say this as an attack on mom's that work it's just something that I feel I should be proud of and not worry so much that my kids are being stimulated enough. This could morph into a ramble about stay-at-home vs. work moms but I won't let it tonight. I really don't think it should be a "versus" situation. They are just differnet situations and one is not better than the other. One is just better for me and my kids.

ANyway, I think that is all I will ramble on about for now. Still not completely tired. Think I will surf, read blogs and maybe try to get back to bed.

Peace out!! (Hee, Hee, I have always wanted to say that, but it's not something I would say out loud - except to my husband, I say all kinds of silly things to him. One of hte great things about our realationship, the silliness we share!! And a great thing about the blog I can share my silliness more!)


Blogger ShadowAngel said...

You are one BUSY woman! Hope you feel better.

If you want to put the movie up on the blog you will need to find an external site to host the file - your ISP might have given you some space, or you can pay for online-accessible storage space (it's not too expensive). It sounded so cute! I do audio recordings of my kids sometimes - maybe I'll put one up sometime.

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