Saturday, September 04, 2004

Big girl bed...big girl problems

So if I was thinking I might have held off on the big girl bed thing. Seeing as how she has just recently been afraid of the dark and here we go springing a big girl bed on her. But we had talked about it and she definitely wants to be a big girl. But the idea of the big girl bed was not high on her list of good things tonight. She wanted Mom or Dad to sleep on the floor. And she really wanted to be in bed with Mom or Dad. We did the normal routine and she laid down in bed and cried. So I put on her music and she was quite for a minute and then was screaming Mommy. So I went back up to her room, ready to put her mattress back in her crib and forget the big girl bed for a month or so. But then my husband came in and talked to her about being a big girl and she laid down. She whimpered a little but she has been quite ever since. Keep your fingers crossed. We will see how the night goes. I will be awake at some point with my 13 month old because he is teething so he doesn't sleep well right now. And the last two nights he as been awake at 2:00 AM covered in poop. Bad diaherra.... GROSS!!! The things that nobody tells you (or you really don't care about) when you want to have a child. But one big smile, hug or kiss and you completley forget about the lack of sleep and the extremely groos poop.


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