Saturday, September 04, 2004

Big Girl Bed

What a delimma... My decision was made, we were going to buy a twin bed for my two year old. But then I thought, well maybe I should just buy a full size bed. I think she may like that size better and it really isn't that much more expensive. But then I decided we were just going to get a toddler bed, why? I don't know. I think they really are a waste of money because they don't use them very long but they are only $40 at Wal Mart. So at 4:30 we left to go to WalMart to get a toddler bed. They didn't have one, went to another WalMart, they didn't have one, Ok fine, now I want a toddler bed so I am going to Babies R Us where they are way too expensive. THey have one on clearance but the store doesn't have one in stock. Antoher store, about 30 minutes away does, so we go to that store to get a toddler bed that cost more than $40 that I was against buying in the first place. So my daughter will use it for a year or so and then I can move my son into it. So we should get some use out of it.

Now I have a headache and feel like crap. Probably feel like crap becuase i have been eating like crap!!


Blogger ShadowAngel said...

My eldest got good use out of his toddler bed. It's not a bad investment. But you probably realize that it means that for a while you won't get much peace because she will keep getting out of it!

4:32 PM  

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