Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Baseball, uh-oh and no babies, thank god!!!

So my husband wanted to go see the Yankees while they were in town. So he took the afternoon off and I went with him to the ball game. The kids were in Mother's Day Out so I was able to go with him. I am not much of a baseball fan but it was fun to go and see the Yankees. Lord knows that baseball in KC isn't much fun to watch most of the time. It was a great day for it becuase it was overcast most of the day so it didn't get too hot, and becuase not many people go, we were able to move to seats that were not near anyone. We aren't anti-social, we just didn't want to sit next to any of the people at the ball park...

My son is saying uh-oh now. I think that is one of the cutest things they say!!

Don't they say the phone works both ways....That is why I wonder why sometimes people get their noses out of joint when it has been a few weeks and you haven't called... Sometimes, women are a pain in the ass (myself included...) :)

My daughter is saying more sentences. I can't belive how quick they grow. She and my son were taking their bath tonight and we started to put up the bath toys in the net. My son was helping by handing me the toys. My daughter said "THank you, Jason, for helping me pick up toys." AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! She is so big..... And my son is 14 months old now, the age my daughter was when I had him. Tonight I thank god (and the doctor who fixed my husband) that I am not giving birth this month!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger ShadowAngel said...

Awww... kids are so sweet when they are just learning to talk! Of course, then they get a little older and you wish they'd stop talking...

7:53 AM  

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