Tuesday, August 31, 2004

First Timer

My husband is what I call a "techie" and he introduced me to the term "blog" and I had to ask him what that was. Since then I have heard the term used a lot. Most recently from Michelle Malkin in an interview with Rush Limbaugh. So I started perusing the blogs and decided that a blog would be a good outlet for me. You see, I am a SAHM with children that are 14 months apart. They are 13 months and 27 months old as I write this today. And most days I do not feel in control of my life and hope this is a way to gain back some sainity. Not sure if anyone will read what I write but that is not the intent. However, that is the intruiging part to me, to see if anyone does read my words. My true intent is to help myself and gain perspective on my life by documenting my crazed and sometimes lazy days.